Fun, fun, fun!

I'm at the beginning of a 10 day holiday from work. The intention is to paint the conservatory (as during lockdown, the rest of the house, inside and out was done - so now it looks shabby compared to the rest!), get as much work done as I can on my website, continue with #Inktober, if there's a dry day, get out in the garden, and chill (?? yeah, right). Nothing like a big list of things to do to get motivated. Thankfully, I'm an early riser so there's a lot of day time. But first, to blow away those work cobwebs, fun. Just as important as the rest.

Yesterday's big job was to re-moor the boat. She's not little but in strong current she can easily be dragged along so it's a two man job. I love to take the opportunity to take photographs while I'm out there, the trees, beach, water, it will all come in handy one day.

I love this little splash of water.

It's the moon!

A quick row back, now the boat is closer, to be greeted by a family of buzzards and a kite, right above the house, sadly not great photos, they tend not to stay still for long and my camera isn't good enough to catch them, but it was lovely to see that they are thriving and a kite in these parts is fairly rare.

Next was to support a friend. A social distancing dance to our own music, with headphones on Newgale beach. An odd one, completely out of my comfort zone, but you have to do these things, right? And another opportunity for great photographs.

I had a fabulous time, and it's a reminder of the beautiful world I live in. I am so lucky to have this (almost) on my doorstep and should visit the beach more often, especially now as there are fewer people around.

So now it's back to the hard stuff. I feel refreshed, ready to tackle the difficult bits of this crazy time we're living in. Wish me luck.

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