Fun, fun, fun!

I'm at the beginning of a 10 day holiday from work. The intention is to paint the conservatory (as during lockdown, the rest of the house, inside and out was done - so now it looks shabby compared to the rest!), get as much work done as I can on my website, continue with #Inktober, if there's a dry day, get out in the garden, and chill (?? yeah, right). Nothing like a big list of things to do to get motivated. Thankfully, I'm an early riser so there's a lot of day time. But first, to blow away those work cobwebs, fun. Just as important as the rest.

Yesterday's big job was to re-moor the boat. She's not little but in strong current she can easily be dragged along so it's a two man job. I love to take the opportunity to take photographs while I'm out there, the trees, beach, water, it will all come in handy one day.

I love this little splash of water.

It's the moon!