The Beauty of Art.


It's been a busy month to say the least.

I love inktober. I love all of it's camaraderie, although some of it feels forced, but that's what happens when you bring several thousand people together with their own agendas, beliefs and standards.

There was some controversy around it (again) this year, who plagiarised who? I'm not going into it as I'm quite indifferent to it all. The whole point of Inktober is to challenge yourself, not the founder, Jake Parker. My personal challenges were to develop my characters Hare and Snail, to put them in viable situations, develop their colour, shape and expressions in preparation for my book.

I also wanted to find a preferred medium. I was using Specrum Noir's Aqua Pens, Arteza's brush pens and watercolour pencils.

Spectrum Noir Aqua Pens and Windsor&Newton Calligraphy ink (white)